Player Stats- 3/4/16
Federal Way vs. Gonzaga Prep

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4A Federal Way Eagles
# Player FG 3FG FT REB A F PTS
1 D'jimon Jones 3-10 1-6 2-3 5 1 4 9
3 Ferron Flavors 4-10 1-6 0-0 1 0 3 9
5 Jalen McDaniels 9-19 0-0 6-8 8 0 2 24
11 Marcus Stephens 0-3 0-1 0-2 3 2 3 0
21 Christian Jones 1-2 0-0 2-3 4 2 2 4
20 Etan Collins 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 1 0
32 Malcolm Cola 0-0 0-0 0-0 1 0 1 0

4A Gonzaga Prep Bullpups
# Player FG 3FG FT REB A F PTS
10 Sam Lockett 1-5 0-2 4-9 4 3 3 6
20 Devin Culp 2-5 0-2 0-0 3 0 3 4
22 Brandon Bieber 3-3 2-2 0-0 7 2 1 8
24 Logan Adams 5-8 2-4 2-3 0 2 2 14
30 Bryan Cooper 0-1 0-1 0-0 1 1 1 0
32 Kea Vargas 2-9 1-6 1-4 6 1 0 6
40 Anton Watson 1-3 0-1 2-2 3 0 4 4
42 Shane Eugenio 0-2 0-0 0-0 2 0 1 0
50 Braden Morse 1-4 0-0 0-0 2 0 3 2

Friday- March 4th 2016 Boys 4A Semi-Finals
Tacoma Dome 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Federal Way 14 5 13 14 46
Gonzaga Prep 12 14 12 6 44

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Player Stats
Lewis & Clark vs. Federal Way

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4A Lewis & Clark Tigers
# Player FG 3FG FT REB A F PTS
1 Zack Paulsen 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0
2 Justin Martin 2-10 2-9 0-0 2 0 1 6
5 Vadim Goyko 0-1 0-1 0-2 0 0 1 0
10 Cameron Underwood 1-2 0-0 0-0 4 1 1 2
12 Adam Thompson 0-1 0-1 0-0 0 1 1 0
13 Naje Smith 8-12 1-3 0-0 15 3 4 17
20 Max Damon 0-0 0-0 0-0 1 0 0 0
22 Isaiah Hernandez 2-10 0-4 0-1 0 1 0 4
23 Anthony Smith 1-3 1-2 0-2 3 1 2 3
24 Adam Jacobson 1-3 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 2
30 Isaiah Duncan 2-4 0-1 0-0 1 0 0 4
32 Dominick Oliveri 3-9 0-0 0-1 7 1 2 6
33 Vaughn Handel 3-4 0-0 3-4 3 1 1 9

4A Federal Way Eagles
# Player FG 3FG FT REB A F PTS
1 D'jimon Jones 4-8 1-4 2-2 1 3 0 11
2 Elijah Nananbu 1-1 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 2
3 Ferron Flavors 8-12 5-7 0-0 0 0 1 21
4 Mykael Henry 0-1 0-0 0-0 1 1 1 0
5 Jalen McDaniels 3-5 0-0 2-5 3 1 3 8
10 Jalen Womack 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0
11 Marcus Stephens 5-7 0-0 1-2 4 9 2 11
12 Jaden McDaniels 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0
20 Etan Collins 1-2 0-0 3-6 0 0 0 5
21 Christian Jones 2-5 0-0 2-2 7 2 2 6
24 Palofino Jatta 1-2 1-1 0-0 0 0 2 3
32 Malcolm Cola 1-1 0-0 0-2 3 1 3 2

Thursday- March 3rd 2016 Boys 4A State Tournament
Tacoma Dome 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Lewis & Clark 6 14 20 16 56
Federal Way 21 19 19 10 69

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Head Coach Interview: Jerome Collins (Federal Way)

Federal Way – Head Coach
Jerome Collins

Dick Fain catches up with head coach of the defending 4A champions Federal Way Jerome Collins. Listen as he talks about his team’s quest to go back-to-back with the playoffs around the corner!

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Hoops Preview: Narrows & SPSL


League Preview presented by theFinalScore.TV

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Narrows/SPSL Hoops Preview with TJ Cotterill from The News Tribune


Hoops Preview: Narrows/SPSL- TJ Cotterill from The News Tribune

Federal Way Wins Mismatch 4A Boys State Title

Federal Way Wins Mismatch 4A Boys State Title
By Colin Caruso

Saturday March 7 2015 Boys 4A State Final
Tacoma Dome 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Davis 16 5 11 14 46
Federal Way 20 12 15 18 65

Federal Way Eagles

Let’s get something straight to start this game. This game was the 4A state final. These two teams met on December 6th and Federal Way beat Davis 88-43. I will write that twice for emphasis. 88-43. At Davis High School. A win for Davis would be the biggest, and I mean biggest, in high school basketball history.

Don’t worry, it didn’t happen.

Davis was outmatched at every position on the floor. Not only outmatched but also significantly outsized. But the Pirates hung tough in the first quarter, only trailing by four after one.

Federal Way was able to extend their lead on the back of poor shooting and questionable execution on offense from the Pirates. They resorted to far too many jump shots and did not run any sets in the half court. There were too many possessions of either one or no passes and then a ridiculous shot. Federal Way led 32-21 at the half.

Federal Way kicked off the second half with an 11-2 run to extend their lead to 20, the largest of the game. That lead would be cut to 15 to end the quarter, 47-32.

Davis would come as close as 12 in the fourth quarter. Hats off to them, this was much more of a contest than their 45 point loss to the Eagles in December. Balanced scoring from the Eagles allowed them to finish off a 65-46 victory.

Top Performer:
Federal Way
Jalen McDaniels – 16 points 8 rebounds

Federal Way Claws Their Way to a State Final

Federal Way Claws their way to a State Final
By Colin Caruso

Friday February 7th 2015 Boys 4A State
Tacoma Dome 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Federal Way 26 14 11 10 61
Union 7 20 19 12 58

Federal Way Eagles

In a much deserving matchup of two of the top teams in the state, the Union Titans faced off against the Federal Way Eagles, with an opportunity to face Davis in the 4A state finals. Davis would be a favorable matchup for the Eagles, who doubled up the Pirates early in the year, 88-43.

This game got out of control early. The athleticism of the Eagles was far too much for a one loss Union team to handle. Before anyone in the Tacoma Dome knew what was going on, Federal Way was off to a 23-6 lead and closed the first at 26-7.

Union finally woke up in the second quarter. Coach Conley emphasized defense and taking care of the basketball and that focus brought Union within 12. Unfortunately, they still could not stop Viont’e Daniels. He was in complete control of the first half and at one point had as many points (18) as Union had as a team. The Eagles led by 13, 40-27 at the half.

If you are down 13 at the half and are completely outmatched in both the half court and transition, it pays dividends to come out in the second half with more intensity than your opposition. That is what the Titans did, going on an 8-2 run to start the third, cutting the Eagle lead to just seven. Their momentum continued in the third quarter, and for some reason, Federal Way took their foot off the gas pedal and began to coast offensively. It was a close game going into the fourth, with the Federal Way lead down to just five points.

An immediate three to start the fourth from Micah Paulson of the Titans pulled Union within two points. Two free-throws by Paulson with 6 minutes remaining tied the game, the first tie since the game began. After a few back and forth possessions, Riley Hawken found himself at the line with 2:18 left, shooting two and down two. He made one, and the Eagles led 59-58. Ferron Flavors hit one free-throw for the Eagles to push the lead up to two, 60-58. A beautiful block by Jalen McDaniels gave Federal Way the ball back, but a steal by Hawken put the ball back in the Titans hands with 44 seconds remaining.

Without knowing the time remaining on the shot clock, Union turned the ball over and immediately fouled Christian Jones. Jones missed the front end, but the Eagles pulled an offensive rebound and got the ball to their star, Viont’e Daniels. He also missed the front end, giving Union a chance at the win with a rebound. Paulson got it for the Titans, pulled up for a transition three with 10 seconds remaining and missed everything, rebounded by the Eagles. Jones made one of two, giving the Titans yet another opportunity to tie, but this time Cameron Cranston’s three missed just left, and the Eagles pulled the hang on victory 61-58.

Top Performers:
Federal Way
Viont’e Daniels – 27 points

Micah Paulson – 18 points 5 assists
Riley Hawken – 14 points 11 rebounds

Viont’e Daniels Drops 31 in Federal Way Win Over Kentwood

Viont’e Daniels Drops 31 in Federal Way Win Over Kentwood
By Steven Dion

Friday- January 16 2015 Boys 4A SPSL
Kentwood High School 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Federal Way 16 16 17 28 77
Kentwood 7 17 20 20 64

Federal Way Senior Viont’e Daniels

Friday night’s slate of high school hoops featured a matchup of division leaders in the South Puget Sound League as the high-fliers of the Northwest in Federal Way would make a visit to powerhouse Kentwood of the Northeast. The anticipation for this game was evident from the packed gym and a tangible buzz in the building felt from the opening tip to the final whistle. This proved to be an interesting matchup as the Eagles’ roster loaded with athletic combo guards would square off with what is essentially Kentwood’s football team on the hardwood.

The first few minutes of the game set the tone when Federal Way rolled out to a 9-0 lead. Kentwood quickly found themselves playing catch-up and would continue to do so for the entirety of the ballgame. Eagle perimeter defense forced several turnovers and prevented entry passes for Conks’ offensive sets. Federal Way junior Ferron Flavors notched 15 of his 20 points in the first two quarters. Malik Sanchez rallied KW by throwing down a pair of highlight dunks in the second quarter. However, Federal Way capitalized on Conqueror mistakes and were able to retain and eight point lead heading into the second half.

The Conks returned to the floor with renewed energy to climb back into the contest. The guard duo of Darius LuBom and Preston White who finished with 16 and 11 points respectively hit the deck for 50/50 balls and the forwards Josiah Bronson and Marcus LuBom were rebounding machines on both ends of the court. KHS rallied several times to tighten up the ballgame, but Federal Way always knocked down a big bucket when needed. Viont’e Daniels drained a triple at 3:28 in the third to keep a double digit lead. The scoreboard read 49-44 heading into the fourth with FW still out front.

By the five minute mark in the final frame, Federal Way put the game on ice. Daniels scored three quick buckets, two of which were and-ones. Then, D’Jimon Jones scored 3 of his 10 points when he was able to get an up and under to fall after being fouled in the process. The 13-5 run to start the final quarter propelled the Eagles to a big league win for Coach Jerome Collins’ blue and white.

The Final Score: Federal Way 77 Kentwood 64

Top Performers:
Federal Way
Viont’e Daniels-31 points (8/12 FTs)

Darius Lubom-16 points

Kentlake Soars Past TJ in SPSL Battle

Kentlake Soars Past TJ in SPSL Battle
By Steven Dion

Tuesday- January 13 2015 Boys 4A SPSL
Thomas Jefferson High School 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Kentlake 14 12 6 14 46
Thomas Jefferson 6 9 10 16 41

Kentlake Junior Dang Tran

Each of the three divisions in the South Puget Sound League feature a premier 4A team that have created separation between themselves and their opponents. Thomas Jefferson and Kentlake are currently chasing Federal Way and Kentwood respectively, so each contest is critical to keep pace with frontrunners. The Raiders from the Northwest would host the Falcons from the Northeast in this interdivision clash on Tuesday night.

The contest jumped out to a good start for the home squad when an early Raider bucket was followed up with a steal by Xavier Scott-Hollis and an emphatic dunk. However, this early burst was followed up with a scoring drought by TJ where they only scored once more the remainder of the quarter. Kentlake’s Dang Tran kicked off his big night by matching Jefferson’s first quarter scoring total with 6 points. The senior guard would notch a game-high 23 points and was the only player on either team to score in every quarter. Kentlake thrived on back-door cuts and three-quarter press on defense to build a double digit lead by halftime. The Raiders put together a rally midway through the second frame capped by a Preston Peters three-ball, but allowed the Falcons to finish the first half strong. At the break, the scoreboard read 26-15 in favor of the guests.

Thomas Jefferson returned with a renewed sense of urgency to climb back in the game. They did so by starting at the defensive end of the floor limiting KHS to six third-quarter points and forcing several turnovers. Tyson Sonnenfeld provided a boost from the bench by going 4/4 from the free throw line and grabbing some tough rebounds. Trailing by 7 heading into the fourth, did Jefferson have a comeback in store?

To start the final frame, it appeared they were on a crash course to victory as the lead was trimmed to a single point with 3:24 remaining after a Brian Kuria three-pointer. After Coach Drake called a timeout, his Falcons responded with a 6-0 run at the hands of Julion Mackey and Max Valerio. Similarly, Kyle Templeton was able to rally his Raiders to a 5-0 run in response with 28.7 seconds remaining. The Raiders had a chance to tie or take the lead, but they could not get the clinching shot to fall and some Larry Alar free throws helped Kentlake steal a road victory.

The Final Score: Kentlake 46 Thomas Jefferson 41

Top Performers:
Dang Tran-23 points

Thomas Jefferson
Will Osborn, Darius Anderson, Xavier Scott-Hollis-7 points

4A State Finals Preview, Bothell vs. Chiawana


4A State Finals Preview, Bothell vs. Chiawana
By Colin Caruso

Talk about the matchup of the year in this one. The Bothell Cougars, widely regarded as the top team in 4A all season long, facing off against the defending champions, the Chiawana Riverhawks. I had the unbelievable privilege to watch the Riverhawks in the state final last year, in the best comeback in Washington state football history. Down 13 points with 1 minute to play, the Riverhawks pulled off a miracle victory over the Camas Papermakers. I have never felt so much remorse for a losing team, a team that played perfectly all season and 47 minutes in the championship game, but couldn’t close the door on a team driven by a tenacious defensive line and a quarterback with a will to win.

But this is a new season, and a new team for the Riverhawks. And their competition is tested and ready for battle. The Cougars have looked unbeatable all year. Bothell quarterback Ross Conners is looking like one of the top QBs in the state, but the loss of star running back Sam McPherson may prove costly. Chiawana had the best defensive line in 4A last year, and returned three of those starters last season.

Look for another spectacular game and finish in this one. Chiawana has just one loss this season, to the Papermakers of Camas. Bothell is undefeated and deservedly so, they have outscored their opponents 597-133 on the year. Who will lift the trophy in Tacoma? Come join the action on Saturday night, December 6th, at 7:30pm.

4A State Football Rankings Week 9


4A State Football Rankings Week 9
By Steven Dion

There has been a little movement this week with teams in the Top 10. Federal Way jumped a couple of spots to number 6.  Here is our breakdown of the top teams in the 4A Classification.

1) Camas 9-0, 6-0 League
Coach Eagle has his eyes set on unfinished business from 2013. The Papermakers season will likely wrap up in the woodshed again, but can they raise the hardware?

2) Bothell 9-0, 6-0 League
These Cougars has some serious firepower posting a 422-79 combined scoring tally in the regular season. The blue and white have the pieces to contend.

3) Chiawana 8-1, 7-0 League
Don’t sleep on the reigning champs. This team posted another solid season with the lone loss a non-league clash with fire-breathing Papermakers.

4) Gig Harbor 8-1, 6-0 League
The Tides are playing like tsunamis right now as Coach Chantler’s gradual building of a program has a Narrows 4A title in the bank and a great deal of momentum heading into the playoffs.

5) Union 8-1, 5-1 League
A team that has shown the ability to rise up in nail biters can bode well in November when most games are settled in the waning minutes. The mighty, mighty Titans are not a team to take lightly.

6) Federal Way 7-2, 5-0 League
The Eagles have been dominant since opening the season with a pair of losses. With a healthy linebacker unit and game-breaker Chico McClatcher, the sky is the limit.

7) Kentwood 8-1, 4-0 League
A staunch defense is the cornerstone of Conks football and the regular season did not disappoint as only 78 points have been surrendered in 9 games thus far.

8) Lake Stevens 8-1, 6-0 League
Clawing out a victory over Kamiak may be just what the doctor ordered as the Viks prepare for the postseason. The more reps young Eason gets, the more dangerous Lake Stevens becomes.

9) Gonzaga Prep 8-1, 6-1 League
The parity in the Greater Spokane league has given the Bullpups a well-balanced schedule in which there has not been any push-over weeks. A league championship may not be enough for Prep.

10) Graham-Kapowsin 8-1, 5-1 League
The second of two SPSL Eagles in the top ten rankings finished second to Emerald Ridge in the league standings, but are a top ten talent in the state. Foster Sarell can wreak havoc moving forward.

On the Bubble:
Wenatchee 8-1, 6-0 League
Emerald Ridge 7-2, 6-0 League
Kamiak 7-2, 6-1 League


4A State Football Rankings Week 7


4A State Football Rankings Week 7
By Steven Dion

Our team has scoured the entire state of Washington to see who might raise the trophy over their heads in December. As league play comes to an end and the playoffs quickly approach, here is our breakdown of the top teams in the 4A Classification.

1) Camas 7-0, 4-0 League
The 2013 state runner-up a season ago has wins over 3 of the top 10 in 4A (Camas, Federal Way, Union) earning the Papermakers the top spot.

2) Bothell 7-0, 5-0 League
Last week’s 56-0 dismantling of Skyline on the plateau was impressive. Bainter’s Cougs are firing on all cylinders as the playoffs approach.

3) Chiawana 6-1, 5-0 League
The defending state champs took down a tough Walla Walla team on the road last Friday. Falling to a hungry Camas squad by two points in week one is the only blemish on the schedule.

4) Union 6-1, 3-1 League
The Titans earned a road win against top-10 Federal Way in the season opener. Their only loss? Last Friday against Camas by the score of 37-20.

5) Gig Harbor 6-1, 4-0 League
Beating Olympia 45-14 is a clear indicator the Tides are steadily climbing up the 4A ranks. As the season unfolds, the win over Peninsula looks more impressive. Eastlake is the only loss on the record.

6) Gonzaga Prep 6-1, 4-1 League
The Bullpups shut-out Bellarmine Prep 17-0 early in the season and also have a nice win over Mt. Spokane. The lone blemish this season is a fluky loss against league opponent Shadle Park.

7) Kentwood 6-1, 3-0 League
The Conks are only allowing one touchdown per game this season. Yep, 7 points! The 35-14 win over Emerald Ridge was nice but a recent loss vs. Federal Way may be the only true test thus far.

8) Lake Stevens 6-1, 5-0 League
Since falling to Marysville-Pilchuck in week two, the Vikings have rolled out some blowout wins. Jacob Eason and the Viks square off against a tough Kamiak team on Friday.

9) Graham-Kapowsin 6-1, 3-1 League
Taking down the Spartans at Skyline HS on September 10th in front of a packed house shows the Eagles have grit to close out games. Losing to Emerald Ridge by a field goal is GK’s one trip-up this season.

10) Federal Way 5-2, 4-0 League
Meagher’s Eagles were slow out of the gates as they squandered a lead to #4 Union in week one and were blown out in week two by #1 Camas. Since then? 5-0 including a win over #6 Kentwood on the road.