Coach Interview with
Timberline’s Nick Mullen



2014 Varsity Football Live Interview
Timberline Blazers – Head Football Coach
Nick Mullen

A Tale of Two Seasons

Join us as Steve Dion talks with Coach Nick Mullen about the games the Blazers have played so far and Timberline’s identity as they change classifications.

Coach Mullen has a winning record in 5 of his first 6 years, but is facing new challenges this season.

“4A is a lot different – we were pretty strong in the 3A Narrows for a long time … I think our kids figured out sometimes a loss teaches you more than a win does.”

Going forward, Coach Mullen observes there is now a much different level of competition, with larger schools having more players.

His coaching philosophy includes very sound words of wisdom for his Blazers team, from “the harder you work, the harder it is to quit” – to knowing “you can only control what you can control.”


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